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The Polk County Continuum of Care announced that it has changed its name to Homeward effective September 1st. The nonprofit organization has established a new name and brand to represent its work to end homelessness in Polk County. The Homeward team has worked in

collaboration with partners and Polk County community members over the past

year to create a new brand that represents the organization’s urgent mission.

“Our previous name was difficult to say and derived from federal housing

language,” said Angie Arthur, Homeward Executive Director. “We wanted to

instead create a simple, trusted brand unique to Polk County to better connect

with partners and residents about homelessness in our community.”

The new Homeward brand name reflects the agency’s focus on ensuring residents

will not just survive—but thrive—by moving to stable, permanent housing.

Homeward takes a system-wide approach to homelessness in Polk County by

looking at all pieces of the puzzle, identifying community gaps, and leading

innovative solutions. The organization disseminates homelessness funding, data,

and resources, enabling the Polk County community to engage in partnerships

toward ending homelessness. Along with the announcement of the new name and

brand, Homeward unveiled their new website, which will serve

as a hub of strategic planning and expertise on homelessness.

“We are so thrilled to announce this new identity and share our new website with

the community,” Arthur said. “We look forward to deepening our community-wide

homelessness partnership and advocacy under this new name so that one day,

everyone in Polk County will have a safe place to call home.”

About Homeward

Formerly known as the Polk County Continuum of Care, Homeward serves as Polk

County’s homelessness planning organization, forging strategic partnerships

toward ending homelessness. By distributing funding, resources, and data,

Homeward seeks to create an efficient, effective homeless response system that

meets all residents’ strengths and needs. We lead community-wide homelessness

planning efforts to ensure that one day, everyone in Polk County will have a safe

place to call home. For more information, visit


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