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Youth Action Council


The Polk County Youth Action Council (YAC) is a group of young leaders with lived experience in homelessness. YAC meets regularly to take action to improve housing services in Polk County. 

Our work includes:

  • Youth Homelessness Program and System Improvement,

  • Advocacy and Outreach through Public Speaking Opportunities,

  • Volunteer Service Projects geared towards Youth and Families experiencing Homelessness,

  • Skill Building through Creative Projects, and

  • Building Connections among Youth experiencing Homelessness, Providers, and Services.


YAC members present at the Prevent Child Abuse Iowa Conference

Cool activities we've done (so far):

  • Created the Safe Spaces for LGBTQ Youth Document

  • Participate in the Legislative Day on the Hill

  • Present to Cornell University students

  • Present at the Iowa Prevent Child Abuse Conference

  • Present at the City of Des Moines Human Rights Symposium

  • Serve as a Youth Homelessness advisory group

  • Create and Distribute Youth Homeless Kits

  • Present to Grand View University students

  • Complete a collaborative service project with Indian Hills Junior High School

Youth Action Council meetings are a safe haven for all youth and free from discrimination. General YAC meetings are held monthly. Please contact Amy Croll with your name to learn when the Council meets.

Individuals interested in YAC Leadership must complete and submit the attached application. Leadership meetings are held separately from general YAC meetings.

YAC Budget

YAC operates with a meager budget designed to provide financial compensation to young people who inform local services and supports in the metro.

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Group Norms

Interested in joining YAC? Take a look at our Group Norms first!

  • Respect each other and the group

  • Participate and pay attention

  • Focus on task; side conversations need to be taken outside and no phones allowed.

  • Be on time

  • Everyone sits at the table.

  • Assume Positive Intent

  • Conversations are confidential and should remain free of politics, religion, and gender.

  • Respect boundaries

  • YAC is a safe space free of drug use and weapons.

For the safety of everyone, all attendees are expected to follow these simple rules.

“YAC gave me the opportunity to tell my story and have people listen and relate.”
                 - current YAC member


QR Code for Donations

If you would like to help support YAC activities, please utilize our QR code below.

Donation help support expenses like transportation costs, service project costs, and supply expenses.

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“YAC makes me feel seen and heard.”
           - current YAC member


Click the YAC FAQ for commonly asked questions. Coming Soon!!

““YAC empowers youth for a better tomorrow.”
           - current YAC member

YAC Meeting Minutes

For safety reasons, this information is left vague, but is designed to give a general idea of the work that is done through YAC.

January 2024 (General)

February 2024 (General)

March 2024 (Leadership)

March 2024 (General)

April 2024 (Leadership)

April 2024 (General)

May 2024 (Leadership)

May 2024 (General)

June 2024 (Leadership)

June 2024 (General)

For more information or to obtain the Teams log-in to attend virtually, please contact Amy Croll.

The Polk County Youth Action Council is supported by Homeward, but is its own separate decision-making entity, managed by its own leadership group.

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