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Service Provider Trainings


Working in the homelessness system is challenging, but can also be very rewarding. Individuals that are served through our system often face tremendous barriers to success, have experienced struggles that seem unfathomable, and often have their own trauma that manifests in various detrimental ways. This work is not easy, but with the appropriate training and supports, we develop a holistic safety net that propels individuals and families towards success.

The trainings listed here have been identified as priorities by current homelessness service providers. Some trainings may be provided in-house whereas some may be best provided by the community. Some trainings will be provided at no charge whereas others will have a fee. Likewise, some will be in-person while others will be virtual or asynchronous trainings. Homeward works with both the Iowa Balance of State, our state-wide counterpart, as well as the Homeward Service Council to determine which trainings to prioritize on an annual basis. While we will do our best to keep this site updated, trainings will be published in our monthly newsletter. Please sign up for that newsletter here.


Please contact Amy Croll if you are interested in joining the Service Council.

Recommended Foundational Trainings

Recommended Community-Based Trainings

  • Understanding Our Population and Data

  • Askable Adult Training

  • De-Escalation

  • Working with Seniors

  • Understanding Rapid Rehousing

  • Positive Youth Development

  • Human Trafficking

  • Working with Individuals with Mental Health Challenges/Intellectual Disabilities

  • Working with Individuals in Active Psychosis

  • Working with Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Trans-Misogyny

  • C-CAR Training

  • ART Training

  • Managing Groups

  • Positive Peer Support

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